TechSpire is a team of professional developers, business analysts, designers and engineers with headquarters in Calgary, Canada and development office in Belarus, Eastern Europe. While optimizing development budget we do create effective applications that completely satisfy our customers' needs.

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Why choose TechSpire as your business partner?

We combine our passion for developing quality services for our clients with a pragmatic business process and always being open to the possibility of serving better...

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Everything crafted for business

We believe in customer driven culture and passionate about delivering best in class services.

For over 7 years customers have been coming to us for unique web solutions. We have the experience, talent & creativity you need. We build stunning websites & mobile applications that align with your brand & strategy so that your message is consistent and all your marketing actions work together to help you succeed.

From simple UI\UX and mockups to complex wireframing and prototyping. From websites and secure networks to high load enterprise portals and complex e-commerce systems. We give your business the tools & solutions to be ahead of your competitors.

TechSpire has a vast experience in mobile application development. 30+ successful enterprise applications. Amazing quality and stunning design – this is about us. From simple applications for getting access to your ERP, CRM, or HRM systems data to one of the first in the country Unity3D game development.

Our qualified specialists are able to create any type of application: from tuning and customizing existing business solutions to prototyping comprehensive cloud portals from scratch. We deliver B2E, B2C, B2B solutions that help you get your operational efficiency to the next level.


TechSpire is a team of professional business analysts, developers, designers and engineers with headquarters in Calgary, Canada and development office in Belarus, Eastern Europe. Our goal is to create effective applications, that completely satisfy our customers' needs.
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Techspire has strong and proven experience in mobile application development. Techspire is one stop shop company - we cover every step of your application development.
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    Business App

    We create applications to fully satisfy your business needs. In most cases it comes to integration with customers ERP solutions.

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    Map Direction App

    In past 2 years, we were intensively involved with the world of IoT. We got really good at programming in-door and outdoor navigation solutions.

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    Shopping App

    We have a great experience with the building shopping applications for out north-American partner FriskyDeals - local popular daily deals website.

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    Game App

    We have one of the first in country Unity3D game development studio & developers with 5+ years of commercial experience.

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    Music App

    We can bring to live any stunning idea related to the music mobile application.

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    Custom App

    Our team of professional mobile application developers is capable of implementing any enterprise application at your demand.

Techspire has strong and proven experience in web application development. Techspire is one stop shop company - we cover every step of your application development.


Full-stack website development:
  1. Technologies (PHP, .NET MVC & Web Forms, HTML 5 & CSS)
  2. Frameworks (CodeIgniter, Joomla!, Symfony, Yii, Zend Framework)
  3. CMS (ModX, Drupal, WordPress, NopCommerce, ServiceStack, DevExpress Components)
SPA Web Applications:
  1. NodeJS, Knockout.js, AngularJS, jQuery & jQuery UI, Canvas, HighCharts, Cross-domain & AJAX


From tuning and customizing business solutions to hand-crafting comprehensive cloud portals from scratch, our experts deliver B2E, B2C, B2B solutions that help you get higher operational efficiency. Since 2009 we work with global customers, understand the needs of large enterprises and are ready to help you reach your core business objectives.


Take a closer look at visualized steps of every application we develop.

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    Research and Planning

    First, we get your requirements for a project. We discover the peculiarities of your business and discuss your needs. Once we understand your assumptions and case scenarios, we provide developers, best suited for your purposes.

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    Prototyping and Design

    The next step is designing the looks of the product. To make comparison easier, we create multiple prototypes. Only the best one will remain.

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    We begin development after the design is finalized. Our customers receive regular updates, so that they can easily track their product's growth.

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    Revision and Improvement

    Quality is a hallmark of TechSpire. We review the software changes during each stage of the development. And our in-house QA team makes sure the product is bug-free.

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    Bringing Your Project to Life

    Before releasing your project we carry out a final user acceptance testing to ensure its effectiveness. Our professional delivery team will then configure and migrate all the required software to your live web server.



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