SAAS solutions

SAAS solutions

Software as a Service, which is popularly known as SAAS is becoming really popular these days. More companies are subscribing to applications on a pay as you go basis.

Software as a Service, which is popularly known as SAAS is becoming really popular these days. More companies are subscribing to applications on a pay as you go basis. It saves them from upfront costs and the time to develop the software and simplifies management with improved productivity. Further, these SAAS solutions, which are usually hosted by a dedicated provider, offer multi-tenant support, configurability, scalability, security and monitoring. Considering these factors, many companies are looking to migrate their existing software to SAAS platform or are developing innovative SAAS solutions that become a great source of revenue for them – since cost is drastically reduced as a result. Luckily, there is no lack of professional SAAS service companies today, which offer you the exact solution you are planning for your prospective customers.

A professional SAAS services company reduces management complexity of a business. TechSpire will help to free up a business’ IT personnel and budgets to focus on more business-critical functions, by providing the much needed SAAS solutions for your business. SAAS applications have greater availability to customers and ensure better accessibility for proper communication. A professional company in this field further employs accelerated software deployment models. A typical SAAS solutions provide will offer 24×7 monitoring and management services and involve best technologies, processes, and experts in the SAAS arena to create and maintain the best revenue generating solutions for any business. There is no upgrade chaos in SAAS solutions created by TechSpire. All the updates are continuous and keep running in the background, without hampering any functionality.

It is important to note that the number of organizations and businesses, which use hosted software, has steadily grown over the last few years, particularly among small to medium scale businesses. Also, the most popular hosted software are those for project management, marketing, time and billing, financial and accounting, merchant services, CRM, inventory management, payroll, and messaging.

Benefits of using SAAS solutions

The major benefit is that the SAAS solutions provider, rather than the client, is on the hook. It is the hosted software provider who is responsible for installing and managing the hardware and software components of the particular application. This includes managing such network issues as data backup and redundancy to facilitate disaster recovery, which can be cumbersome. The provider is also responsible for managing the data center, which delivers the application, and for automatically upgrading the software on a regular schedule, as well as in response to the client’s changing needs.

The SaaS solutions provider is the one who has to worry about the headaches of ongoing system maintenance, as well as equipment costs and time and money spent in IT support. The benefit of cost savings is also amazing, since to purchase software outright – even for small organizations and businesses – can cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in hardware, implementation fees, maintenance, support, and service. When you opt for the services provided by a SAAS solutions provider, by paying one predetermined monthly fee, you spend zero dollars on maintenance, support, or administration costs. Moreover, hosted solutions are designed to scale for many simultaneous users, which makes it easy to maintain levels of performance and uptime as a business grows, and as the volume of stored data expands.

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